2016 Submissions

2014 Submissions

Attention: Wreath Attention: Wreath Rated Stars PSA Informative Music Video Gone Wrong Music Video Gone Wrong Rated Stars ooooooh, you touch my ta la la. Spam Nintendoclock Holmes Nintendoclock Holmes Rated Stars Nintendo messes up his Job. Spam PT Squirrel Dance Party PT Squirrel Dance Party Rated Stars fierce! Drama BearQuest 3 BearQuest 3 Rated Stars runnin on empty Drama clockcrew space mission clockcrew space mission Rated Stars the final frontier Drama BearQuest 2 BearQuest 2 Rated Stars ain't nothin gonna break my stride Drama dumpsterflood finale dumpsterflood finale Rated Stars WE DID IT GUYS. YOU MADE THIS POSSIBLE Drama BearQuest BearQuest Rated Stars ride captain ride Action RIP triangle clock RIP triangle clock Rated Stars rip bro rip :( Drama happy birthday wade fulp happy birthday wade fulp Rated Stars a tribute to a very special man Comedy - Original dumpsterclock b-day bash dumpsterclock b-day bash Rated Stars lisa it's your birthday Comedy - Original 11 11 Rated Stars where can you go Informative CupcakeMysteryCrew pt2 CupcakeMysteryCrew pt2 Rated Stars jungle love it's driving me mad Action PSConference Ft IronClock PSConference Ft IronClock Rated Stars Sooooo Comedy - Original tommygun429 tommygun429 Rated Stars is a sick fuck Informative the fuzzy-dumpster collab the fuzzy-dumpster collab Rated Stars when worlds collide Action channeling the sobeclock channeling the sobeclock Rated Stars it lives Drama Disco (aliens) Sucks Disco (aliens) Sucks Rated Stars ah ah ah ah Informative Spice Clocks Spice Clocks Rated Stars If you wanna be my lover Comedy - Original who the fuck is jeff who the fuck is jeff Rated Stars and what does he taste like. Action feels so good feels so good Rated Stars the story of two star crossed lovers... Drama dumpsters V-day! dumpsters V-day! Rated Stars love is in the air... Drama dumpstaclok pokeman movie dumpstaclok pokeman movie Rated Stars gotta crotch em all Drama hail zombie lincoln hail zombie lincoln Rated Stars all hail Drama the ritual of lobo poro the ritual of lobo poro Rated Stars first we begin with a call to prayer Drama Gagsy Rules Gagsy Rules Rated Stars CLOCKCREW DRULES Informative hapy anversy hapy anversy Rated Stars happy 2 u ivysaur an chalk clock yo!!! Informative polywhatnow clock polywhatnow clock Rated Stars poly... theism? Informative floundership is magic floundership is magic Rated Stars bring me a higherlove Informative coffee mystery coffee mystery Rated Stars A COFFEE MYSTERY! Drama !!!Free Sausage!!! !!!Free Sausage!!! Rated Stars free dat sausage Drama dumpster football dilemma dumpster football dilemma Rated Stars WHO WILL SAVE SUPERBOWL SUNDAY? Drama dumpsta's groundhog day dumpsta's groundhog day Rated Stars happy hogmas Comedy - Parody dumpsterclock flashflood dumpsterclock flashflood Rated Stars surfer joooooooe Drama
A Very BlobClock Xmas A Very BlobClock Xmas Rated Stars happy crimbus blobclock Drama dawn of a new era dawn of a new era Rated Stars this is the begginging Drama Buttflash Weekend Collab3 Buttflash Weekend Collab3 Rated Stars OMG more butts Experimental hail dumpsterclock hail dumpsterclock Rated Stars all hail glorious dumpsterclock Informative Dumpsterclock Revolution Dumpsterclock Revolution Rated Stars make my day Action poolnoodle spermicide fuc poolnoodle spermicide fuc Rated Stars i'll tell you when i've fucking had enough Spam PB clock vs Dumpsterclock PB clock vs Dumpsterclock Rated Stars PeanutButterClock Versus DumpsterClock Action monkeys versus donkeys monkeys versus donkeys Rated Stars race oF THE CENTRUYYYYYYYYYYYY Drama nintendo: pessimistic ass nintendo: pessimistic ass Rated Stars I'M COMING FOR YOU, NINTENDO CLOCK Action dumpsterclock nation dumpsterclock nation Rated Stars all is now the dumpsterclock nation Spam Durian + Dumpster = BFF Durian + Dumpster = BFF Rated Stars two good pals Drama 9/11: In Remembrance 9/11: In Remembrance Rated Stars We Will Never Forget Drama The HamburgerClock Collab The HamburgerClock Collab Rated Stars This is a collab deticated to hamburgerclock. Spam dumpstaclock keep it real dumpstaclock keep it real Rated Stars ooh yeah baby Action goodbye clockday :( goodbye clockday :( Rated Stars dust in the wind.... Drama DUMPSTACLOCK MOON-MISSION DUMPSTACLOCK MOON-MISSION Rated Stars he really IS on the moon this time Action Dumpster Ruins Clock Day Dumpster Ruins Clock Day Rated Stars big ol party pooper Drama magicfrootclock's secret magicfrootclock's secret Rated Stars MIRACLE FRUIT CLOCK'S DEEP DARK SECRET Informative Dumpsterclock's Travels Dumpsterclock's Travels Rated Stars dumpsterclock ROUND DA WORL BITCHEXZZZZZZZZZ Action Wild, Wild West Wild, Wild West Rated Stars It's hard out there in the wild, wild west Drama kodiakclock magic journey kodiakclock magic journey Rated Stars kodiak ONA JOEURNEY Action DUMPSTER V.S. FLOUNDERMAN DUMPSTER V.S. FLOUNDERMAN Rated Stars It's the eye of the tiger Action Kombucha: pessimistic ass Kombucha: pessimistic ass Rated Stars wow what a dick Informative